Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Football Transfer window has finally closed, on what must be deemed as the craziest yet. I mean, in what other industry would serious multimillion pound deals be done late in the day, in what seem like panic stations. 
It's true that out in the real world the billion dollar deals of Microsoft and Vodafone weren't subject to some fanciful deadline fabricated by the high court of FIFA, but surely they all knew when the final bell was going to ring! Right?
Living in Highbury, North London, my ears and eyes have been battered by Gooners whinging that Wenger hadn't spent any of his £100,000,000 pocket money. Signing a record breaking superstar [Ozil £42M ] in the last hour is not really excusable. 

Being charitable, the Ozil situation may well of been influenced by the long winded, dragged out Bale move to Real Madrid. Where Ozil decided a move might ensure a first team start, may have delayed his cross on the dotted line. But what about the other £58 mil? 
My 9 year old daughter has a burning sensation in her pocket, if she has a whole pound in there. Wenger must of felt the same. An actual real, quality budget to spend. The handcuffs were off and they forgot to go to the shops! It beggars belief, it really does. 
Yes, buy one of the best mid-fielders in the world, to create crosses and breathtaking through-balls to dumbfound the opposing back four, but who is going to be there to tap it in?  They'd better hope Giroud stays fit until January. 
And whilst we're talking Arsenal and strikers, what about Demba Ba? A late discussion on Transfer Deadline Day to sign him on loan! You must be joking. Where was the proper bid in January, when Ba left Newcastle for a half a cider and packet of pork scratchings [that's £7 million in the outside world, for a solid Premiership goal scorer.]

And don't get me started on the pathetic Man Utd attemtps to buy Baines and Fellaini.
Firstly, don't offer to buy two for the price of one. Why would Everton sell when you are asking for a silly discount of a clubs 2 best players? For the biggest club in the world they sure know how to balls up a drink up in a brewery!!!
And well done Mr Kenwright and Mr Martinez for getting them to cough up another £4m for keeping you up late!

Now lefts get England's qualifying wins sorted for the World Cup, [yes Wayne you are excused for a proper injury] then back to the proper football of the Premiership.
As a West Ham fan I'd be happy for the season to end now. 
Eighth would do very nicely, thank you, but where's the fun, torture and injustice to be had then?

I suppose I'd better finish Big Pasty's Football Fever range of to include all those teams in the Premiership before it's too late and it all changes again!
No movement1Liverpool339
No movement2Chelsea337
No movement3Man City356
No movement4Arsenal316
No movement5Stoke316
No movement6Tottenham316
No movement7Man Utd324
No movement8West Ham314
No movement9Norwich304
No movement10Southampton304
No movement11Cardiff3-14
No movement12Newcastle3-34
No movement13Aston Villa303
No movement14Crystal Palace303
No movement15Everton303
No movement16Swansea3-23
No movement17Fulham3-23
No movement18Hull3-33
No movement19Sunderland3-31
No movement20West Brom3-31